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Examining Blood Sample

Live Blood Cell Analysis

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Live Blood Cell Analysis is a method used to view the current state and quality of your blood. It can detect imbalances that may not show up on traditional blood tests.


Are you suffering from any of the following:

Feeling Sick And Tired

Not Losing Weight

Suffering With Headaches

Suffering With Allergies

With just 1 drop of blood from a pin prick this insightful test helps to take the guesswork out of choosing the correct natural program and combination of supplements for you.


By analyzing your live blood under a high-powered microscope, we can uncover many hidden imbalances, including:

Blood tests can help you find potential problems early. (4).png
  • The condition of red blood cells

  • Low oxygen levels & poor circulation

  • Vitamin & mineral deficiencies

  • Immune system function

  • Adrenal stress

  • Hydration levels

  • PH levels

  • Poor digestion of proteins & fats

  • Liver congestion

  • Kidney stress

  • Inflammation

  • Hormonal imbalances

  • Lymphatic congestion

  • Anaemia

  • Bowel toxicity

  • Parasite activity

  • Chemical & heavy metal toxicity

  • Yeast/Candida


What to Expect at Your First Live Dry Blood Analysis Visit:

One hour is allotted for your first visit.  Upon booking, you will be emailed client information forms. See rates below.

We request you refrain from eating eight hours prior to your LBA.  This does not apply to water, drink 1L of water prior to your visit.

We suggest that you bring your existing supplements for a free nutritional analysis.  Medications may be listed within the client forms.

Live and Dry Blood Cell Analysis

A full analysis consists of two phases:

Dark-field microscopy and Dry Blood Morphology (also known as the Oxidative Stress Test).

Pricing and to book Appointment :   Click Here

We offer two different packages as noted on our booking link above

  • Single Booking Live Blood Analysis (LBA) Visits

  • 6 Month Back To Base Line Program Bundle



Tues 10am - 8pm

tel. (647) 718-1574

Wed 10am - 8pm

Thurs 10am - 5pm

Fri 10am - 4pm

Sat 8:00am - 3pm

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